Chat 2 by Siropu

Плагин 2.х.х Chat 2 by Siropu 2.0.17

Added room option to set user language. This will display rooms based on the user's account language.
Added admin option to set primary room when selecting more than one default joined room.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed a security issue where someone can delete chat uploads of other users.
Fixed an issue on mobile with top chatters navigation.
View whispers moderator permission not working.
When having lots of smilies, they are all displayed taking too much space.
Phrases are not escaped, causing issue when translated in some cases.
When you are in a room and then join another one, user is added multiple times to the chatter list of the other room.
Added option to open chat navigation link in a popup.
Fixed an issue with new thread notifications not being posted when the thread requires approved.
Fixed an issue with new post notifications being posted when the post requires approval.