Стиль 2.х.х Aftermath 1.0.3

May 24th, 2018 | Theme Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed numerous style & template bugs in the Logo Icon Slider
  • Fixed a bug where the icon slider title wouldn't appear when selected
  • Fixed a bug where the icon slider title, directional controls, and dot controls container would not inherit styling from their corresponding Style Properties
  • Fixed a bug where the logo icons would not inherit the Icon Height property as set by the user
  • Added support for FontAwesome directional arrows in the Logo Icon Slider (enabled by changing "Directional control mode" in [Nulumia] Logo Icon Slider property group)
  • Added mouse hover to the directional arrow controls
  • Changed theme link hover, dimmed, and muted text colors to match the latest XF1 theme version color palette
  • Streamlined the Feature, Accent, and Highlighted text colors to the theme's main orange color
  • Added new logo preset styles available in the /psd/ file download folder

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